Automatic Grain Moisture Sensor

Moisture Sensor

Perry of Oakley Ltd. are the UK’s most experienced manufacturer of grain drying & handling equipment and this year they have released their latest product, the Automatic Moisture Sensor for Grain Drier Control. The product has been designed with the purpose of saving fuel & time by not over-drying your crop.

The Automatic Moisture Sensor is accurate to within 0.5% at 5% to 18% moisture content and within 1% at 18% to 40%. It is fully integrated into Perry’s own, in house, PLC control software for the drier but it can also be installed into any make of existing drier or used as a standalone system.

The system uses proven technology to measure your crops moisture content quickly and accurately, helping to ensure you are drying your crop to the optimum levels to help increase revenue by not over-drying your crop.

The Perry of Oakley Ltd. Savannah series driers are capable of capacities from 5tph to 150tph. The driers come with Perry’s own advanced PLC panel, which is designed and programmed in house. If connected to the internet, the panel can send email and text alerts including drier status updates and alerts for any issues that may have occurred while drying.

The PLC panel can also be connected to an app (available free on Google Play & Apple App Store). While connected to the app, you can see your control panel and control it from the app. It provides a direct link to your control panel, meaning you can control your drier from anywhere you have a mobile phone signal or a WiFi connection.

Perry of Oakley Ltd. also manufacture a full range of 10tph – 1000tph handling equipment including chain & flight conveyors, belt & bucket elevators, augers & screw conveyors, aspirator pre-cleaners, belt conveyors & much more.

To find out more about Perry of Oakley Ltd. and their range of drying & handling equipment call +44 (0)1404 890300 or email